Monday, December 31, 2007

Great inspiration for more persperation

Hidey ho, girls and boys. It be the New Year, yaaarrrrrr. And it's time to think resolutions - the ones that I really have my heart and mind set to, and the ones that won't last through the week... you all what I'm talking about, you do it yourselves.

This year my resolutions are (the ones I will keep, maybe):

* take guitar lessons (and maybe some fiddle lessons, too?!)
* paint and carpet our upstairs
* travel more
* start, (and maybe complete?!!!?) the Superior Hiking Trail
* increase my level of fitness

...I'm sure I'll add a couple thousand more things throughout the year, but then, those won't be 'New Years' resolutions.

So - on to the etymology of the title of this blog. For about 4 or so months, I've been following the blog of one of the most interesting persons I've 'known', (and I know a LOT of interesting folks!). Her name is Catra Corbett, and she lives out in Fremont, CA. I came across her blog one day while Googling the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) - another trail I'm intersted in, along with the American Discovery Trail, and the Appalachian Trail. Anyhoo - she was attempting a thru hike of the PCT, but injured her knee and had to drop her quest (see her blog Catra's PCT Adventure). Turns out, she has another blog for her 'normal' life, Dirt Diva. And I have to say, she inspires me to get out there and push myself to my limits... which begat my final resolution, increase my level of fitness.
Catra - inspiration

Catra is an ultra-runner, and for her recent 43rd bday, she celebrated by completing a 43 HOUR run through the Ohlone Trail network, south of San Francisco, over 100 miles of running! She regularly does crossfit workouts, sometimes multiple times a day - and then will go for a leisurely 20-mile run! Amazing. And, have I mentioned, she's gorgeous - and totally smokin' hot. And I'm not talking in the 'for a 43 year old' hot, I mean overall, for whatever age... As I'm rocking towards my mid-30's, her exploits inspire me, I am excited to see what is possible in my own life!
Catra, and my sister Linda (who is also 43), are 2 examples of women who attack life head-on, and won't take shit lying down. I know I have that potential - but I haven't fully embraced it. I still find myself making excuses for why I 'can't' do something, or put things off, self-sabotage... but I'm getting better every day, and I'm ok with getting better.
So, to all those who inspire me, particularly the women who inspire me - my sisters, my mother, my grandmother, my girlfriends, and those unique individuals like Catra Corbett (oh, oh!! and another adventuring friend of mine, Celeste Ametrine) - thank you. I harvest a wealth of knowledge from you all, and am lucky enough to see that class, bravery, ballsiness, and femininity can co-exist, all wrapped up in the beauty that are the women I love.
Happy New Year 2008.