Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, shit...

Harumph. That's really all there is to say about it all, at this point, anyhoo. I've been busy being broken by 'The Man', being a student, attempting to be a homeowner, and failing miserably at being a social animal - which is directly correlated to being broken by 'The Man' (shakes fist in a general northerly direction).

My biggest goals this season:
  • Help my bff Cari birth what I can only hope is not another 10 pounder. Her due date is any minute now (except this weekend - NO babies this weekend!);
  • Get through summer classes without going postal;
  • Caulk some windows and the bathtub (ummm... let's turn the water heater down from 380 degrees F, shall we?);
  • Go somewhere fun for a few days and hang with friends - do not have to be simultaneous;
  • Camp. At least once this season for fuck's sake!;
  • Rebuild a motorcycle and have some good eats with my friend Tyler. Shooting stuff will likely also be on the agenda for the 2 of us;
  • and, not least, and probably most urgent - get over myself.

So. There ya go. My enthralling catalogue of summer to-dos.