Friday, November 7, 2008

Ah, Amore...

I am in love.

In love with a little man I outweigh by a good 130 pounds...
... whose greatest interests are my best friend's boob, and pooping his pants...
... who will undoubtedly grow up thinking I am his mom's crazy friend...
... who exceeded all of our expectations for what love could feel like.

Congratulations, Cari and Nature. You have created perfection, and unconditional love.

And he's clearly way ahead of his time, having voted and all within a week of birth.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Because We Must

Hey there! How's it going?
Do anything new recently?

Me? Well, let's see... got a "promotion" of sorts at REI, they've put me in the camping department *yay*; threw the awesomest baby shower ever, if you were there, you know; did some really informative and interesting (really) vendor clinics; celebrated 1 year at REI and realized during my supervisor review that this company REALLY gets the meaning of 'merit increase' (unlike my other job); worked, worked, worked; enjoyed our yard and had what may be the last 'TV on the air conditioner back yard relaxo' session.
Oh yeah, and got to help my bff give birth to an Easter ham that she named Henry Carl. Born 10/29/08 at 5:20am, coming in at 10 lbs 2 ozs and 22 inches, with a 15 inch head. Yeah... epic.

Cute lil' bugger, isn't he?

Anyhoo. The real reason I visit today is because it's Election Day. Whatever your stance, you MUST go to the polls today to effect whatever change you feel is necessary. This is an election of MASSIVE importance - make your voice count!

And, if that is not enough to convince you that your little tiny vote doesn't matter, please read today's post on the following link:

Thank you. Vote your conscience.