Thursday, February 12, 2009

Never Trust a Leo Bastard

If you see the words "I will write on my blog more often!", know that I am lying. My intentions are honarable, but my follow through is pitiful. So, then - please do not think I am lazy (ok, I am), or don't love you (I do!), I am just, uh, just... meh (it's a word, you know).

I have always had an aversion to writing for others to read. It's the tiny perfectionist troll that lives deep in side me, just off to the left of my pancreas. It often kicks me in the spleen, keeping me up at night. It's quite bothersome.

Anyhow. All sorts of stuff going on. My friend Brian is getting married next week - BHO and I are heading to Las Vegas for that. It will be the first time in 21 years that I will spend more than 12 hours there - I lived there for a few months, way back in the day. The Saturday of our stay, I get to hang out with one of my old roommates that I haven't seen since I lived there! How awesome is that!

And in other old friend news: a few weeks ago I hung out with my childhood BFF, Anneke! I haven't seen her since we were about 9! Her brother, Jon, and sister, Chandre, were also there - it was sooooo cool. I hope to hang out with her again, soon.

Had a couple parties at the house: Lord of the Rings Marathon! and Hot Tub 2009! LOTR was great, lots of folks showed up and we all had an exellent time. Hot Tub went off well, too. Weather warmed up considerably for the 2 days we had the tub in our garage, and there was plenty of food and beer and companionship of friends to be had! BHo and I will reflect upon the Hot Tub success, and with our co-host Dave Micko, look in to the possibility of hosting another next year. The movie marathon is a for sure for next year, and the series of choice: ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy!

May brings Maibock! 'Nuff said.

June brings the wedding of my BFF Steve, in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am SO there! And uncontainably excited about the trip. It's going to be expensive, but what the heck, he's my buddy, and he is sooo in love. His fiancee, Violet, is sweet as can be, and terribly in love with Steve. Although I have not met her in person, I can see it in her posts on Facebook (yeah - Facebook... ubiquitous, isn't it?). Neither here nor there - my friend has found his life partner and they are right there, and I am beaming with pride and excitement for his (and Vi's) happiness!

But, between here, there, and everywhere, there will be much work. My primary job is out of control with need for overtime, and I am still at REI (awesome!) - lots of hours. Although it limits my down time, that is a good thing in this time of economic crisis. And, considering my mechanic just told me my truck now needs repairs with costs that exceed what I paid for it. Not awesome. And the house needs lots of work, but what homeowner doesn't know that headache!

So. There you go. Not real earth shattering issues. Nothing crazy or terribly funny to report. I have had some weird dreams, but can't remember enough to relay - ooh, except my dream that Gerard Butler (a la "300", mmmm... King Leonidas!) was my paramour, and it was AWESOME. I promise I will write on my blog more often! DISCLAIMER: See first paragraph of today's blog!

Peace and chicken grease.